Akamai CDN review

If you are upset, buy a decisive service, like CDN from a small provider, never hear it, so Akamai is a very attractive alternative. More than 20 years in cyber security, 8,000 employees, a customer base relates to 56 percent of the wealth of $ 500 and $ 3.2 billion, there are many reasons for the trust that the company offers.

The network completely has the most competition with 325,000 servers in more than 135 countries. Both media stores, so if you are only looking for saving files on sharp servers, less covered, but the company still remains anyone else. (There is comprehensive evidence, so in their performance results, but more on it later).

As you expect CDN at the enterprise level, there are also many high-end functions here. Although the nature of the service works, like most competitors, only one low-level API group allows you to meet your needs. This is not exactly the CDN for beginners, but Akamay does not help. Customers can not judge any documents reasonably, and if you sign up, 24/7 24/7 support 24/7 chat to walk in any problems.

Akamai CDN  Price

Prices usually offer CDNS prices in a review so that you can compete with the competition. Unfortunately, please do not work. There is no price page and you can not register online: The only option is to contact the company and ask a quote.

You can get a general idea of ​​DACAST, which offers a video streaming platform that is supported by Akamai’s network. The program starts from $ 39 per month (reserved in a year) for 50 GB of storage space and 1.2 terabytes of traffic per year to $ 188 for storage of 1 terabyte and 24 TB traffic, roughly from high CDN it is expected.

Customer satisfaction is another indicator or provider that offers for your money. We do not put our weight in user reviews, but it’s interesting to get more in many areas. For example, Gartner appears to be 4.8 / 5 of 213 of these evaluations, for example, compares (for example) 4.5 for Amazon Cloudfront.

Akamai CDN Features

start the basics of Akamai’s CDN. It starts with a number of relatively simple DNS disks, for example, from visitors to EDGE AKAMAI’S servers, for example referring to www.mysite.com to www.mysite.com.akamized.net. Then your visitor is directed to your nearest Akamai server, which decides what to do. CDN can only serve only a few hard contents, nothing more, but Akamai is more flexible.

Specialist users can provide complex rules to determine their content, how and where, and give them full control over the service. The overall cleaning tool removes the old content in time to live for expiration, URLs, cache markers, payment keys, and other items. This will allow you to update dynamic content regularly, but constant content is relative – PDF, for example – keeps on edge servers for a long time, which reduces pregnancy in their parents. To give.

Security features include DDoS protection to maintain its servers from attack, while the firewall of the Web applications monitors your content to prevent your content from robots, intruders, etc.

Video and Image Manager

The movie manager and images do not save a good CDN and do not provide the same canned version of your website. Set up the scene, your organs, and network conditions. Akamai CDN offers this with a strong media processor.

Your page automatically reduces your page by improving the formats and compression levels, which will provide you with no additional need for additional requirements. This also goes down the quality after JPEG.

The quality cognitive quality algorithm is the quality of quality, so it’s not necessary. The video committee is very strong, this can justify with the help of CDN Akamai CDN. Just download video and resource services automatically at the optimal, courier and TIR on the user’s device.

There is a potential description of important video operations for 5 minutes, but this is still great for services. If it seems important to you, we look at an Akamai developer site to look at deep information about what you get, and how it works. Our performance writing, AAMAMI CDN is classified as sixth of 21 capacitors in CDNPERF.com with query speeds around the world 26.34 seconds.
This visualization can be only marginalized behind the leaders of SCDN 5Cent (24.15ms), CDN Google Cloud (24.51ms), and CDN Limelight (24.63 milliseconds). The number of cdnperfs summaries is all about performance around the world, digging into any continent slightly different.
Aksmay received a great place in Asia fast average 27.27Ms. This is important because it is much faster than a lot of great names. Azure CDN has an average Asian query time that was more than twice as long as 56.24 men, while CloudFlares continued to 98.1ms. Aquaman issued in the Pacific, also the average query from 22.51 milliseconds during the game (even ArvanCloud only 31.78 ms).

Akamai CDN  Performance

Performance was somewhat fixed, where Oxmeans differed from sixth place in South America, up to 10 in Africa. Whatever you think of these numbers will only consider them depending on the RAW response time.
They do not accept the full proportion of progress such as Akamai’s Image and Manager, which can only lead to just a big difference in the entire website. In general, Akamai is as a speed leader of the sites to Asia and the Pacific, but also a good lifting that offers comprehensive results in which you also provide your contact.

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