Baidu WiFi Hotspot for Windows Free Download Latest Version

Not having an internet connection is a chore, but luckily there are plenty of tools we can use to share our device’s connections. Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a WiFi application that allows users to use their desktop computer as a WiFi hotspot. The connection has no data sharing restrictions and you can connect any device to your PC.

Simple and easy internet connection

Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a lightweight networking tool. The file size is minimal and the download does not come with an add-on. It has a simple and clean user interface. It also offers no more than a few basic settings, so that technical challenges do not have a problem with it.

The WiFi hotspot connection is established automatically when it starts. After you’ve created a hotspot, you can connect your devices to it. As already mentioned, there are no restrictions on data exchange. You can connect your laptop and mobile devices to your computer using a WiFi connection. This program shows all devices that are currently connected to the hotspot. In addition, you can create a WiFi password to control which devices can connect.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot Not only does it turn your computer into a hotspot, but it can also transfer files. You can send files from your computer to your mobile phone or vice versa. All files transferred are effectively organized in a specific destination which you can change from the program settings menu.

Safe but limited

In terms of security, users will be happy to know that Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a completely safe application. The developers have implemented many security features in the application. First, you can create a password for your hotspot. In addition, you can block any device from accessing your internet connection. You can blacklist and any device on the other list will never be able to access the network.

It also helps keep your computer safe as it doesn’t put your hard drive or data at risk. This will not slow down or slow down your computer. In addition, it is optimized to run on older computers, so it will work on older systems too.

While the Baidu WiFi Hotspot shines with its free price and simplicity, its ease of use is limited. To create a hotspot, it must be connected to the modem with a wired cable. The app cannot extend the mobile connection, which limits its usefulness. It also does not have the ability to track the internet history of connected devices.
Another problem you may encounter is the problematic help button. The website with the help document does not work properly. Often times it doesn’t even open. Compared to other network applications like Connectivity and My Public WiFi Hotspot, however, Baidu WiFi Hotspot offers more advantages in terms of features and overall performance.

Get instant connection

Overall, if you are looking for a hotspot manufacturer, Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a great choice. It’s simple and easy to use. Add the right speed and you have a good home network. And while there are limitations, there aren’t any obvious flaws that will stop you from using them.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot Advantages

  • Simple operation
  • Allows users to create a password and block users
  • Easy
  • Optimized for use on older PCs

Baidu WiFi Hotspot Disadvantages

  • Your computer must be connected to the modem with a cable
  • The help button doesn’t always work
  • File transfer can be a little slow
  • Sometimes it cannot be connected

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