Best Apps for Android Mobile 2023 both Free and Paid

The best Android apps can be difficult to find because there are millions of apps available and not all of them are good.

But we are here to help you. We’ve been using the Google Play Store for a long time to find the best software for Android 2022, and we’ve done every promised app to make sure it’s worth downloading.

There are great apps in all categories, from health and fitness to cameras and photo editors to apps for personalization, music, and more, so whatever you’re looking for should fit perfectly – and you’ll probably find it. article.

So if you have one of the best Android phones or just want to add it to your app library, here’s where to start. We are constantly updating this guide with new applications for Android, which also need to be considered, some of which are free and some paid. However, they are all selected by our experts, so you know you have a good one for your phone. So join in and don’t forget to always check all the new add-ons.

These are the best Android phones in the world

The best new application for Android

This is the latest Android app we’ve decided to run and is updated every few weeks. Our selection is usually new applications as well as applications that have just undergone a major update, but sometimes you can also highlight hidden gems and other important things.Best Apps for Android Mobile 2022

Notification light / LED – aodNotify
Free $ 4.99 / GBP 3.59 IAP

Notification lights were once a common part of phones, but now many phones lack them, although premium smartphones do not always.

These little lights flash when a message or other alert appears, so you don’t forget or miss being there, and you can use the Notification / LED – aodNotify light to turn it back on – or at least you can for Samsung and the Pixel phones for which it is available. another version of the application.

This allows you to use any available light on the front of the phone (such as a face flash or a circular light around the selfie camera) as a notification light. You can choose to light when it’s available enough – or even use interior lighting if you want more light to appear around the edge of the screen.

You can also adjust the colour of the light and choose which applications to run. And when you upgrade to Pro for $ 4.99 / £ 3.59, you get additional features such as the ability to select specific notification light colours for specific applications or contacts.

The best app for cameras and photo editors for Android

Glitch Lab

Free 6.49 $ / 5.99 GBP IAP

Glitch Lab is a photo editor full of digital glitch effects. You may have seen similar apps and the effect style on offer may not appeal to everyone, but if you want your images to look a little gimmick or retro, this is one of the most versatile and versatile. useful ways to achieve this.

There are over 100 effects in this Android app and many of them can be customized so your glitches won’t look like any other.

As an example of power, it is even possible to create an image of links, and build with many effects and tweaks. Although there’s plenty of free, to get the best out of Glitch Lab, you need to get a Pro IAP for $ 6.49 / £ 5.99. It adds 42 more effects at the time of this writing, 37 new parameters for free effects, increase output quality and more.

$ 1.99 / GBP 1.89

DoodleLens may be a bit of a trick, but it’s great fun. Just scribble on something, then point the camera from your phone at the holiday logo from the app and you can copy and paste it into the world around you in augmented reality.

You can also change the colour of the holiday logos and even create basic animations by copying multiple holiday logos and browsing the app. You can record and save the results.

DoodleLens may not be an Android app that you’ll use often, and we’ve found it’s a bit of a hit and our doodles don’t recognize it, but if it does, it’ll conjure a smile, which is all you can do. ask $ 1.99 / GBP 1.89.


Several subscriptions are free

Pixtica is one of many tools that hope to replace the standard camera application on your phone. Camera apps vary and their success depends on the make and model of your phone, but Pixtica is a decent choice if you’re looking for a new one.

It is packed with features including multiple filters, GIF recorder, panorama, hyper-lapse, manual control and surprises, such as ‘Planet’ mode, which rotates images into a spherical shape using Pixtica’s advanced stereographic projection algorithm.

There are also a variety of other modes, whether you are taking a photo or recording a video, and the application is set up intuitively. Although most features are free, you will have to pay to open higher resolutions and remove watermarks when using filters. Payment will also receive additional items, but these are the main things that make the purchase almost necessary if you plan to use Pixtica. And that’s fine, except that the app opts for a subscription ($ 1.25 / GBP 1.25 per month with discounts for six months or a year) instead of using it as a purchase. We are not fans of paying for a subscription to a camera app, but if any such app is worth it, it’s Pixtica.


Free $ 5.49 / £ 5.49

Scribble is a photo editor that allows you to add animations to your photos. In ‘animations’ we mean light trails, but there are different ways to animate them, there are many colours to choose from, and you can choose where they appear in the pictures and what they are. In fact, it’s an application that does something but does it well. Once you’ve added an animation, you can save the result to your phone’s ready-to-share gallery.

The basic app is free, but for a one-time fee or monthly subscription, you can remove ads and unlock additional customization options, as well as unlock the ability to remove the Scribble watermark from your creatures. If you like the app, it’s worth paying for it, but you can taste it for free.

Photo Watermark

Free $ 0.99 / GBP 0.89 monthly subscription

A photo watermark does exactly what the name suggests – it allows you to add watermarks to your photos – but the types of watermarks you can add variety. Not only can you add your own text as a watermark (including changing the font, size and colour), but you can also use your signature (like any handwritten text) as a watermark by typing on the screen.

You can also use stickers, timestamps, placement, mosaic effects or “graffiti” (which you can basically fade with your pictures using a digital brush). If you want to protect your photo or log when and where it was created, there should be a suitable tool.

Photo Watermark is free but full of ads. You can get rid of it for $ 0.99 / 0.89 per month, but if you don’t add a watermark to a lot of pictures, it may not be worth it. StoryZ Photo Motion and


Free $ 1.99 / GBP 1.79 monthly subscription

StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph is a photo editing application for Android in two parts. The first is ‘Ripple’, a mode that allows you to add motion to a still image by drawing the area and direction in which you want the motion to appear.

This can be an effective way to make it look like water or smoke, which acts as an example, or just add a little trippy effect to things you might expect to be static.

The ‘Motion’ mode, which allows you to blend video into a photo, allows you to display an ‘image’ that is partly static and partly moving.

In both cases, it can be difficult to achieve persuasiveness, but it can be, as evidenced by all the impressive public contributions shared in the application. StoryZ also creates contests with specific themes, such as “stairs” or “sand,” which you can enter by submitting a related creation. The best ones will be displayed on the home and competition pages of the application.

You can use StoryZ for free, but if you know you’re more talented than we are, there’s also StoryZ Premium, which removes ads and watermarks for monthly subscriptions, increasing the length of ROI in Motion mode, improved. set of tools in Ripple mode and you can save and share in high definition.


Free monthly subscription for £ 2.91 (almost $ 3.70).

KineMaster is probably one of the most powerful video editors on Android, but it’s also intuitive enough for everyone to enjoy.

The application allows you to add audio and video filters to record, add text, stickers and other overlays, edit and crop frames frame by frame, adjust speed, add transfer effects and more. You can also upload videos directly from KineMaster. It may seem a little cramped on the phone’s display, but otherwise everything will work fine.

You can use KineMaster for Android for free, but all your videos have a KineMaster watermark and you can’t use them commercially. To remove watermarks, allow commercial use, and unlock additional features (such as effects and overlays), you must pay a subscription, but it remains cheap at £ 2.91 (almost $ 3.70) per month.

Weather – professional camera

$ 1.99 / GBP 1.79

A really good app for the camera may need to be cluttered and full of manual controls to get the picture exactly the way you want, but it’s hard to beat and master a few. Opportunity – A professional camera is finally possible.

Provides a complete manual, including RAW shooting, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and focus. There is also tap focus, a timer, a grid and many different lenses. It’s an impressive set of tools, with the app focusing more on powerful tools than trick filters, but everything has a very clean, minimalist look.

And it’s designed with ease of use in mind. You can double-tap any setting to return it to your car, or double-tap the search engine to return everything to your car and all the controls are easily accessible.

The main disadvantage of this application for Android is that it can’t shoot videos at the moment, but there is a good chance that you want to replace your current camera application with photos, and the video is obviously being worked on.

Photo director

Optional free subscription

Your phone may have a powerful camera, but it may not include many photo editing tools. Fortunately, PhotoDirector is an Android application that fills in the gaps.

This application allows you to adjust the tone, saturation, white balance and color of photos you have previously taken, as well as add filters and effects, allowing you to adjust the volume and apply it to anyone as just part of the image.

You can also add text, stickers, frames, change the look, mirror the image, cut parts and more.

There are many tools, but PhotoDirector is easy to navigate, and you can undo your changes at any time, so you can experiment safely. And that’s just the editing part of the app. There is also a built-in camera, with which you can take new photos with various effects and see through the viewer how it affects the image.

PhotoDirector is usually free, but if you want to focus on the best, there is a premium version that costs GBP 2.59 (about $ 3.70) per month with discounts if you invest for three months or a year. It opened up more tools, increased output quality, and removed ads.

LightX Photo Editor

Free $ 3.69 / GBP 3.49 IAP

If you want an all-in-one photo editor for Android, then LightX Photo Editor is a good choice, especially since most features are free. You can merge photos, add effects and filters, choose color adjustments to image areas, adjust color balance, smooth and sharpen images, i-crop them, rotate, draw, add frames and stickers, add text, create collages and more.

It all depends on the intuitive interface of Android applications; call up the main menu with one click, select the category of adjustments you want to make (such as filters or frames) and you’ll be taken to a menu with all the relevant options.

Most of this is pretty obvious, but there are also tutorial videos if you get stuck, and for $ 3.69 / $ 3.49 you can get ads, unlock more stickers and frames, and add the ability to save PNG images. format.


$ 1.49 / GBP 1.39

There are many photo editing applications in Android apps, but while most offer filters and effects, some can change the look of a photo, as SKRWT does.

There are no stickers, no makeup modes and no real effects. However, there are tools to shift vision, change the aspect ratio, and correct lens distortion.

You can also rotate, rotate, mirror, and crop images, but SKRWT is less interested in changing photos in an unnatural way, such as making them look the way you think when you get them.

It’s a professional tool, but it’s easy to use and you can undo changes at any time if you don’t like them.

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