Big Stretch Reminder For Windows Free Download 2024

Big Stretch Reminder is a calendar app that reminds you of work breaks. This application will display a notification on your desktop when it is time to rest. This will reduce the risk of RSI. You can set the interval between pauses and choose the reminder content – a preset or custom message. Free download with no spyware or scratches.

Big Stretch Reminder Very compatible

In general, you use the main window of this program for settings. So in the internal user interface, there are four main accessible areas that allow you to customize the time, display, messages, and tones to your liking. Alarms come in a variety of forms and can be activated periodically as long as you are taking a break from work and taking a break or stretching for someone.

Aside from the customization settings mentioned, this software also lets you choose the reminder style you want. You can request a simple balloon reminder that appears near the notification area, a pop-up window, and a short pause feature that will stay on your screen for a while before disappearing. In addition, there are several ways to lock your screen so that you cannot ignore or ignore the alarm.
For more details on pop-up messages, check out RSI-related facts or advice, motivational quotes from celebrities that can inspire your day, or personalized phrases. You can also set a tone for each reminder received. If you want, you can further enhance your voice alert by using a standard song or a custom audio file.

Health reminder

Big Stretch Reminder is a simple but essential reminder tool that can help you have a healthy and balanced work life. This is a good reminder app to avoid injuries from sitting all day. Its constant stimulation draws your attention to rest.

Big Stretch Reminder Advantages

  • Excellent bug reminder tool
  • Very compatible
  • Receive inspirational messages
  • completely free

Big Stretch Reminder Disadvantage

  • Sometimes compulsion

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