Bluetooth Version Finder For Windows Free Download 2024

Bluetooth Version Finder is a search and finds a tool that makes it easy to find the exact version of your Bluetooth. This is especially useful for users using older computer systems.
Bluetooth Version Finder is a free, lightweight solution that will help you find a specific version of Bluetooth that is compatible with the device you just connected to your computer. This software was published by Sordum and is known as Mouse Settings Changer, DNS Jumper, Defender Control, Fix Sprint Spooler, WebCam On-Off, and more.

Run and explore

Most modern desktops can show your current version of Bluetooth. It does, however, require some extra steps. Older computers, however, do not. This is where the Bluetooth Version Finder tool finds its target. This is a great way to tell which version of BlueTooth you have connected. Just turn it on and the app will do the rest.

No longer do you need to go to Device Manager, expand your group of Bluetooth devices, and do a number of other steps to find out the Bluetooth version. However, you need to make sure that the desired Bluetooth device is unlocked during operation. In fact, regardless of the version, this software solution displays more detailed specifications about the firmware.

It also explains why you cannot access your device’s features or options. For example, owners of older computers may not be able to try the file-sharing feature because it is only compatible with Windows desktops with higher operating systems. To be honest, it just adds convenience since you don’t have to click multiple times to know some of the bluetooth’s specs.

Learn more about your Bluetooth

Bluetooth Finder is only required in certain situations. This is a useful program especially if you have an older computer system that cannot display the details of the connected Bluetooth device. In addition, this software can save you time and effort.

Bluetooth Version Finder Advantages


Bluetooth Version Finder Advantage

  • Do nothing but view Bluetooth device information

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