CCleaner Browser for Windows Full Version Free Download

CCleaner Browser is a secure web browser developed by Piriform Ltd. was developed. This application has an internal security system specially designed to improve your browsing experience. In addition, your data is secure and protected from prying eyes from advertisers. This flagship software has several security features including anti-tracking, anti-phishing, HTTPS encryption, and so on. Each function can be easily adjusted via the tool’s security and data protection center. CCleaner with its simple user interface has become a great choice for safe and easy web browsing. Contains ad blockers, video downloaders, and other features

When it comes to web browsers, you can choose from several options including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, and more. However, each of these options has become a haven for advertisers around the world. If you are looking for a program with privacy and security features, CCleaner is a good choice.

How do you start?

After downloading the Lite installation package, you will see the installation window. You can select the language you want and choose your current browser to enter all of the information. CCleaner also adds shortcuts to the home screen, making it easy to access bookmarks, files, documents, and more.

The installation will take no more than a few seconds. When you’re done, you will see some messages about your security and privacy on the home screen. It also claims that it is four times faster than other web browsers for Windows 10 PCs.


What data protection functions are there?

Like many leading applications, CCleaner Browser has a security and privacy center that contains a wide range of security tools. If you have CCleaner Disk Space Manager installed on your system, this section of the program can be opened.

In the beginning, every feature or function of this panel is provided with a detailed explanation of its use. This will help you decide whether you want to enable certain features.

The browser enhances your privacy by blocking ads, anti-phishing, anti-fingerprinting, tracking, and more. You can enable HTTPS encryption to make connections more secure and block Flash content for faster, the safer browsing.

This program has another useful feature that deals with clearing cache, browsing history, cookies, and unwanted files left by websites or plugins. It is recommended that you use this feature regularly to free up disk space and protect your privacy.

Unlike other browsers, CCleaner has a secure webcam interface that allows you to control which websites can access your PC’s camera. There is also a password manager to automatically complete login details and save specific details, which makes logging into multiple websites faster. What about stealth mode? Like Chrome’s incognito mode, this web browser has an “incognito mode” that keeps your browsing history safe. This allows you to privately surf the Internet, delete your web search history, websites visited, cookies, and other important information.

In addition, it prevents clicking and recording of online movements in tracking scripts. When you close the “Stealth Mode” window, the browser also clears your download history and temporary files. Anti-phishing and tracking functions are activated by default in the incognito mode of your web browser. This means that ad networks and webmasters cannot track your account and malicious websites cannot access your private information.

What are the advanced features?

The latest version of the software is equipped with advanced anti-fingerprint technology. CCleaner hides your browser fingerprint, prevents websites from tracking your movements, and recognizes your user profile. This prevents annoying advertisements and glitches targeting your personal and financial information after visiting a website. Internal ad blocker prevents ads from loading on pages of the website. This enriches your browsing experience and keeps information like IP address, Windows version, etc. safe and private.

It’s important to understand that advertisers are tracking people on different websites. This is mainly done to collect data about your preferences. The information is sold to third parties and causes annoying displays on your screen. Not only does this harm your browsing habits, it also provides vital information about your system to strangers.

In the “Advanced Settings” section, you can manage the app’s blocking settings, create custom rules and filters, and apply third-party filters. CCleaner also scans any website for malicious or unsafe content and protects your computer from hackers and spam.

This program provides you with a detailed “Threat Report” with information on various statistics including the number of dangerous items found, the number of files scanned, the quality of the websites visited and more. The anti-tracking function of this browser protects the privacy of the user through the “do not be tracked” mechanism. Overall, CCleaner is a great choice for a safe and fast browsing experience. Compared to other platforms, this feature has several features that focus on privacy and security. In addition, it integrates with other Piriform products to scan and clean your system.

The simple user interface of this program is an added benefit and allows you to easily maneuver multiple controls and functions. Everything is shown in large icons so you can quickly access advanced settings, features, and tools. Since the program is lightweight, it has no impact on your system resources. You will rarely experience slowdowns or crashes while using the software.

Safe and private browsing for Windows

Download CCleaner Browser comes with an intuitive graphical user interface. Like many leading web browsers, this is a Chromium-based browser. So if you are familiar with the Google Chrome UI, then you can use CCleaner with no problem. The optimized functions of the software are also suitable for beginners and do not require a fast learning curve.

You can use CCleaner to bookmark pages, downloads, and extensions. Most importantly, everything is managed by dedicated administrators, while the tabs visited can be redisplayed in the history area. There is no doubt that this program is a great choice for switching from any other web browser.

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