Chedot for Windows Browser Free Download Latest Version 2024

Free Chrome-based browser

Google Chrome is definitely in the spotlight when it comes to web browsers sourced from the versatile and trusted Chromium platform. However, there are other Chromium-based alternatives that have their own unique tools and features. The Chedot browser is one of them. With a funky icon depicting a Che Guevara bird, it offers more than just web browser tools. It has a lot of interesting features that you don’t see often even in popular browsers.

More than your Normal Browser

Chedot offers five specialized tools that will enhance your browsing experience. The first tool is an internal VPN service that allows you to access geographically restricted websites and hide your IP address. The second tool simultaneously offers quick access to the Facebook account and its various areas. But what makes this app even more attractive is that you can use it to download music and videos. A third tool called Media Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos in MP4 and MP4a format. You can also save music from the popular SoundCloud music player.

The fourth tool in this application is called the Download Manager. As the name suggests, this feature allows you to keep track of all the downloaded items. Finally, the fifth tool is the screen capture tool. Enables the easy capture of the entire window or selected areas. It also has a small set of annotation features that you can use to enhance your screenshots.

While this all sounds great, there are a few things to keep in mind about the browser. To begin, the first tab in the app is locked. You can use it to browse the web, but you cannot close or delete it. There is also a special introductory page that appears when you start a new tab. This homepage shows different categories and lots of advertisements. Worst of all, you can’t turn off that particular screen.

A Promising Alternative

If you’re looking for a replacement for Google Chrome, Chedot is worth a try. In short, the browser lets you browse geo-restricted websites, download movies and music, take screenshots, and easily access Facebook. While it may seem promising, there are some annoying usage issues to deal with.

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