ChrisPC Free VPN Connection for Windows Latest Version

ChrisPC Free VPN Connection is an application that allows you to connect to a VPN in different countries. After that, you can bypass the land ban on certain websites.

It serves essentially the same purpose as many similar tools, including Free VPN and Hotspot Shield. Which one you choose depends on personal taste, but ChrisPC has a small file size.

An easy way to bypass online government restrictions

Many websites, including certain sections of popular websites like YouTube, use restrictions to prevent certain countries from accessing those websites. With ChrisPC Free VPN Connection you have a free way to prevent this and access blocked content in your country.

Useful for watching TV on demand

This program is particularly useful when you want to watch TV on demand in other countries. Many of these services are blocked in the area, but a VPN allows you to access their offerings. Another use of this program is simply for data protection, as it allows you to surf the Internet from a different IP address.
Restricted country group
This app gives you access to VPNs from a number of countries: US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Netherlands and Singapore. In practice, this should be sufficient for most purposes. However, if your primary need is one country that isn’t on this list, this tool may disappoint you.

Useful VPN tool

Free and small, if you want a quick and easy VPN connection, this is a handy app. Whether you want to access blocked content near you or just want more privacy, a free ChrisPC VPN connection can help.

ChrisPC Free VPN Connection Advantages

  • Allows you to bypass area locks
  • Can be used to increase privacy
  • Easy to run

ChrisPC Free VPN Connection Disadvantages

  • The scope of the countries covered is limited
  • Free ChrisPC 1/1 VPN connection

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