Combo Cleaner Antivirus Free Download Full Version 2024

Combo Cleaner is an antivirus program that allows you to easily protect your computer from malicious attacks. This security and data protection software developed by RCS LT offers anti-malware functions, real-time protection when surfing the Internet, and simple file cleaning so that your PC system always runs at top performance.

Combo Cleaner Review

Note that while Combo Cleaner is free to download, there are only two features that can be used. The rest of the functionality is behind premium apps that offer two designs that vary based on the number of devices supported.
Can You Trust Combo Cleaner? Like other antivirus programs, Combo Cleaner offers a full set of security features to protect against online and digital attacks. This on-demand and real-time anti-malware software constantly updates its database and scans your system for potential threats – whether it is an unapproved program or just a suspicious unwanted file. The ransomware module protects your files from all kinds of malicious activity. In addition, it includes tools to reclaim disk space and even protect your computer if it has already been infected.

If we pay attention to these features, there are many modules out there that work very hard to keep it safe. In particular, the anti-malware function is also responsible for reporting phishing or hacked websites. Meanwhile, the functions of Big Files Finder and Duplicates Files Finder have been changed to remove unwanted files in order to optimize your hard drives and speed up your computer. All of this is easy to implement thanks to the app’s clear user interface.

Does Combo Cleaner make sense? One of the main advantages of Combo Cleaner is its ease of use – with a clean and elegant user interface that both novice and advanced users can easily navigate. Unlike other apps, there are no tabs or side menus to access as you have everything in the main menu. There is an anti-malware scanner on the left side of the screen that allows you to easily choose from three scanning options – fast scan, full system scan, and custom scan – and start scanning.

You can leave the full view and return to the main menu without interruption. At the top of the screen, there are color counters for storage space, RAM, and CPU usage. Below is a summary of the detection history, real-time security tools, and tricks. Real-time protection tools include anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and web protection that can be easily turned on and off. In the meantime, the Big Files Finder and Duplicates Files Finder trick tools open their menus.

Please note that only hand scanners, Big Files Finder, and Duplicates Files Finder can be used without any time limit. You can only remove detected threats with the premium version. Fortunately, subscriptions aren’t very confusing. There are only two devices: only for one device and for five devices. These are provided around the clock with technical support around the clock. On the other hand, you can request a 7-day free trial of the premium version, but you have to register for it first.

Reliable security software

Overall, Combo Cleaner can provide a robust and satisfactory security experience for every type of user. With its simple interface, it looks simple, but there are still plenty of customization options for each tool when you want to get started with your antivirus. Although a free trial is available – which is at least as long as its competitors – the free tools are still quite extensive and well worth a try.

Combo Cleaner Antivirus Advantages

  • Powerful malware scanner
  • Real-time protection when surfing the Internet
  • Flexible computer cleaning tool
  • Some tools are free to use

Combo Cleaner Disadvantage


  • You need to register first to get the free trial

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