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Crumbs is a free security and privacy software that allows you to protect your privacy online by bypassing trackers. This practical browser plug-in, developed by eyeo GmbH, is an easy-to-use cookie blocker, tracker, and pop-up blocker.

A powerful tool with many tools included, Crumbs doesn’t just stop the ads. It also allows, as long as the people you get are not strict and inverse. This gives you control over what data advertisers and companies can see so you don’t get bombarded with unwanted and irrelevant things.

Increase your privacy online

Crumbs is basically a privacy protection tool that can easily be installed on your web browser. Its main function is to block cookies, pop-ups, and trackers so that you can remain anonymous in your online activities. Internal privacy functions can create proxies for advertising requests, remove URLs for tracking parameters, and use signals like global privacy and non-tracking to hide your location from companies.

With this plugin, you can also control the level of data protection that you receive. There is a Crumbs Cookie Consent Management feature that allows you to automatically ignore the usual cookie walls that are displayed on websites. It also has a feature called Crumbs Interest, which provides advertisers with anonymous information about your activity. Unlike other tracking blockers, this software continues to support trusted online advertising, so you can control the detection of your online identity while completely blocking annoying advertisements.

Finally, it has a great feature called Email Relay that allows you to use a nickname to prevent cross-site tracking and receiving spam messages. Your primary email address will be used all the time and as you register on different websites it will also be used to create your online profile. Hence, you can enable this feature to reduce data breach and privacy. Please note that unlike other functions, this feature requires an account.

Very easy to use

Crumbs are easy to install as you only need to get it from supported plugin stores. A website will then open asking for your consent to the data collection guidelines. This is usually related to the feature of interest, but luckily if you want to be completely anonymous, you can always turn it off completely. On the next screen, you can check “Hide Cookie Satisfaction Window” and activate the email relay immediately. As mentioned earlier, the latter requires you to sign up for an account in order to receive your email address.

When you click the extension icon on the system tray, a small window will open. This includes the main button to protect your tracker and indicate whether it is working or not. Here you can also see how many trackers and cookies have been blocked by this tool so far. For settings you can click on the gear icon in the top right corner. This will take you to another website with all the available settings. It’s divided into three parts: Settings, Interests, and Email Relays.

The first category is divided into three categories: trackers, cookies and general settings. These offer functions that can be easily switched on and off. No advanced configuration is available, but some can now be easily activated in your favor. The interest sheet contains several relevant data collected about your activity. You can choose which ones are available to advertisers, although there aren’t any universal buttons to easily hide them all. Finally, the Email Relay tab allows you to hide your email behind an alias.

A soul with great potential

All in all, Crumbs is a powerful and useful browser plug-in if you want to take control of your privacy. While it can take advantage of some of the more user-friendly features, it isn’t complicated to set up and the many tools it offers are very useful for anyone. Plus, you can continue to support specific advertisers while hiding your online presence.
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 Crumbs Advantages

  • Easy to use browser extension
  • All-in-one privacy protection tool
  • Allows you to manage your data on the web
  • Your original email address can be hidden behind a nickname

 Crumbs Disadvantage

  • No advanced settings need to be configured

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