Dukto For Windows Free Download Latest Version 2024

Dukto is a file-sharing service from Emmanuel Colombo. This network software is free to download and use, and it allows users to transfer files quickly and easily between two computers and a device. That is, if they are on a network. It is a free LAN file transfer app

In contrast to other data transfer programs, Dukto simplifies this process. No license, validation, or protocol required. All you have to do is drag and drop the files into the active window. However, this app is designed for use on a local network only. Also only works with other documents and files. If you want to transfer applications, you can use SHAREI.

Easy file transfer

Dukto is an easy to use application. Unlike similar software, users cannot struggle with account credentials, permissions, and logs to build a stable and fast network. You can also drag and drop files and folders into the active window by dragging and dropping files to other computers. However, it must install the program on all affected devices.When Dukto starts up, it scans and analyzes your local network in a certain way. It also detects not only accessible computers but other running instances of the same program as well. After that, you can send the files to the recognized computers. The program offers fast file transfer. You can also send multiple files and folders.

Added to List of Useful Features, Full Transfer History, and Full Unicode Support. You can also open folders directly from the app to see if the transfer was successful. What makes it unique is that you can send text messages to the recognized computer. It also enables it to work as a messaging application for your organization.

Light but powerful software

In order for this program to work on your computer, all you need to do is download and install it. There are many instructions for making it, but they’re simple enough. That way, starting the app is no problem for inexperienced users. It is important to note that Dukto does not need an internet connection to function. All data transfer takes place locally via a local network. In addition, the program can seamlessly transfer data between all supported versions of the Windows operating system – from Windows XP to Windows 10 to Windows 11. This app is also light and doesn’t even take up 10MB. However, users should be aware that the software is no longer serviced. If it works on your devices, you can still download and use it. But no longer offers updates and support.


In general, Dukto is a simple file management application that you can use to transfer data. It’s easy to use, so you can send and receive files in a few simple steps. In addition, it has some useful features like support for sending text messages. While the app is still usable, there are no updates or support because the developer has left the project.

Dukto Advantages

  • Absolutely quick
  • Effectively detects LAN devices
  • Easy to use
  • Sending SMS is allowed


  • It cannot be reduced to a tray
  • Doesn’t work at startup
  • Configuration options are generally few
  • No longer supported

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