Firefox Send For Windows

Firefox Send is a service that makes file sharing safe. The encryption works everywhere and the fact that the share link automatically expires after a while has removed Firefox Send from similar services.

Mode of action

First, sign up for this service and create a free account. After that, you can send files up to 2.5 GB. Upload the file to upload and you will be given a link to share with the people you want to send the uploaded files to. You can choose the number of days the link is active. You can even password protect the file – credentials can be added before uploading. Those who receive the link can download the file link to their device.
Hard encryption

The transfer uses full encryption, so once it is shared and until the file is opened, the shared data is exposed to a security package. You can also customize security controls. In addition to choosing the expiration date, you can limit the number of file downloads and add a password for extra security. This service was in a long trial period. This means that you can be absolutely certain of its effectiveness. During the trial period, the maximum file size was 1 GB. Now 1.5 GB has been increased to 2 GB.

Firefox Send Advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Hard encryption
  • Download restrictions
  • Link to temporary sharing

Firefox Send Disadvantages

  • Security can never be given on the Internet
  • Sharing limits the file size
  • Firefox account required
  • Not fully tested yet

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