Fluent Search For Windows

Fluent Search is a comprehensive search engine that enables you to effectively search for running applications, browser tabs, in-app content, files, and more. This tool, designed for updates, is highly customizable. You can expand the search box and change its appearance according to your needs and even desires.

This is a free software solution that you can also download from the Microsoft App Store. There is a portable installation file that you can use without installing it. This is a great alternative to other search tools like Flow Launcher and Everything.

Various search options

What sets Fluent Search apart from its competitors is the abundance of search options that allow users to explore and find what works best for them. Through the search process, you can easily find any running program that has a window on your computer. You can search for it easily by entering a window title or process name.

This simple search function allows you to search the internet directly, eliminating the need to open a browser and create a new tab. You can use their search tags feature to effectively narrow the results down to the most relevant results. Clicking the button just below the description allows you to personally mark various resources, including files, programs, processes, bookmarks, history results, and more.

On the other hand, if mouse interaction can interfere with your activity, you can do a site search. This feature enables you to perform a variety of computer operations by pressing keyboard combinations. A shortcut for a specific train will appear on your screen. In addition, you can change some of the controls in the app settings.

Simple but rich

Because of its simplicity, Fluent Search strives for smooth and rich navigation of search results. It offers several simple search methods to efficiently find the exact supplier you want. Plus, it’s highly customizable, from keyboard shortcuts to the look and feel of the search box.

Fluent Search Advantages

  • Very compatible
  • Diverse and useful search options
  • Search everything effectively
  • Supports screen search

Fluent Search Disadvantage

  • Less improved than anything else

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