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Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the best web browsers. Nowadays, however, more and more alternatives are emerging that offer new functions with a focus on user security and data protection. Gate browser is another player in this area. A Chromium-based tool simplifies browsers to the point that users only need a few buttons to work with it. This browser app offers private browsing – which is cleaner than normal browsing. Do not save history or cookies. In addition, it protects users from crypto-mining malware. This program is also very clean as there are no add-ons that load the browser.

Fast Browsing Speed

The Gate browser provides a worry-free browsing experience for users. This app clears your history and cookies after each session so you don’t have to delete them. This app has an internal download blocker for additional protection. This helps prevent accidental or malicious downloads of malware – and sometimes internet filters as well.

Gate Browser has a dark default color scheme. However, users can use the button below the close button to change it to a white design. Near the Theme Changer switch, users will find the trash can icon. Users can use this code to completely clear the history without closing the browser. There is also the shield symbol, which stands for crypto mining protection. This feature is on forever so you are always protected while using the app.

In short, if you are looking for a secure web browser, Gate Browser is a great alternative. This program is very simple and easy to use because it has a lot of buttons that you have to play with. However, it lacks some useful tools like the bookmarks bar and extension manager. After all, the only reason that surfing is safe is because you cannot save your preferred settings and popular websites.

Positive Points


  • Private surfing
  • Automatic deletion of history and cookies
  • Internal protection against crypto mining
  • Simple and intuitive user interface

The negatives

  • Bookmarks are not allowed
  • There is no extension manager

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