Glarysoft Quick Search For Windows Latest Version

Glarysoft Quick Search is an internet and network software that enables you to find files and folders effectively by entering important keywords in the search bar. This search and search tool offers a quick and instant search that can bring you relevant and comparable results in less than a second.

This is a completely free tool to download and use on any PC compatible with the Windows desktop operating system. Disk Cleaner and Malware Hunter are some of the products made by the same developer, Glarysoft Ltd.

Search in a user-friendly interface

Quick Search has a simple user interface that shows two main elements: the search box and the real-time display box. When you enter a keyword such as a file or a subject in the app search bar, the app provides various data directly related to your search. It also lists similar files that you may not need but can be useful.

This lightweight tool also offers you search filters that can narrow down your search for media files, folders, or documents. In addition, the most important filter options are available in the result list. Interestingly, the program can do a small search box near the system tray to look for intangible files. In addition, you can choose to run it automatically as soon as your system starts.

Of course, this solution also offers export capability. Allows you to save the list of results to a text file for later use. You can enable shortcuts for quick access to the search box. Unfortunately, these cannot be changed. Plus, it can be annoying because it brings the tool to the desktop level, which can be a hassle when opening other Windows programs.

Useful file search engine

Glarysoft Quick Search is one of the best file search software solutions to stay on your Windows system. Provides several quick and easy ways to find specific documents. The results are also instantly visible, making it a useful piece of software for your business or school productivity. In addition, it has an export function with which you can save the result list in a text file.

Glarysoft Quick Search Advantages

  • Provides a convenient way to search for files
  • Intuitive interface
  • Export options
  • Results appear in less than a second

Glarysoft Quick Search Disadvantages

  • Starting a program with a keyboard shortcut can be daunting
  • Links cannot be changed

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