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grepWin is a search and research tool developed by Stefan Küng. It’s an advanced tool that can help you find specific files and even phrases and scripts in any format and name on your system, as long as they are on your hard drive or SSD.

GrepWin Overview

In addition, it offers customizable search functions that can make the result more accurate and efficient. With this light and open source program you can freely change what you want and choose according to the criteria. grepWin is a free solution that you can download and use on your Windows desktop.

All functions and options are bundled and displayed in one window. As mentioned earlier, you have the freedom to personalize your search to suit your needs. You can choose to search for sensitive letters, view files as UTF 8, or resize them. Allows you to delete specific folders or files. It also automates the process of finding and replacing any phrase or text with anything you want. In addition to the text comparison, you can also use grepWin to find results using a RegEx search. RegEx stands for Regular Phrase. This is an advanced form of search where the tool looks for specific patterns rather than specific phrases and expressions. This pattern matching actually deletes certain strings.

It offers several search filters that you can use to narrow your results down to the criteria you have chosen. For example, you can specify the estimated size and creation date of the file you want. You can also select custom check boxes if you want to include subdirectories, binaries, systems, and hidden items in the search area. In addition, it has a backup feature which is useful for bulk renaming.

Simple but accurate search

In general, grepWin is a useful software solution, especially for users who have trucks full of files in their computer system. This is a great quality alternative to the built-in file explorer on the Windows desktop because it has plenty of filters and search options that you can customize however you want.

sgrepWin Advantages

  • Extended replacement for Windows Explorer
  • Thousands of search filters and options
  • Simple and clear user interface
  • Free and open source software

grepWin Disadvantage

  • There is no way to discover the results

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