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Hamachi is a free VPN hosted by LogMeIn Inc. This program enables secure network extensions in both personal and professional life. It is a desktop tool that creates and manages a dedicated VPN between remote computers for distributed teams, mobile workers, or game lovers. With encryption and security details that rival NordVPN and ExpressVPN, Hamachi is a great product for connecting multiple networks.
Hamachi secures confidential information between multiple computers through a virtual tunnel that is encrypted with 256-bit AES. To ensure private access to the Internet and communication over a secure network, direct communication between all computers is used behind the Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall. The standard version of Hamachi is available in three price levels (standard, premium, and multi-network), free of charge, and can be configured on up to five computers. In addition to Windows, this VPN service also works on Mac and Linux operating systems.

Manage and protect multiple computers

LogMeIn Hamachi is an easy-to-use, highly configurable, and free VPN. You can use it to create your own virtual private network as it simulates a real local area network between multiple remote computers. It can be used to create a private connection for everything from professional file sharing to chatting about your favorite multiplayer game.
Hamachi works out of the box and has a simple user interface. You can use a VPN to create, manage, and maintain VPNs anywhere. It’s great for Windows PCs but can also extend secure network connections like LANs to mobile users. There are many customization options for all of your managed networks available from the Networks tab on the left. If you expand this tab, you can add new networks by clicking My Networks. Give your network a name and choose whether or not to describe it. Then choose from three possible network types: gateway, distributor and chat as well as network. Everyone has their own advantages.

For example, a gateway provides remote users with secure access to all local/private networks. This is done via the central LogMeIn Hamachi gateway and does not change any active firewalls or network routers. Hub-and-Speak, on the other hand, is a model that qualifies certain computers as hubs and uses other devices as speakers. It works like a wheel, the ball acts as an anchor point and maintains central access to all connected wires. This allows the distributed computer to choose other computers that users can access. It can help control network access and usage and extend to aspects such as password management, network authentication, network security, or permanent network membership. Third, there is the mesh network function. This allows every remote computer on the network to communicate with one another. This option is more like a spider web, rather than connecting the wheel brakes to an axle, and the handlebars intersect at different angles. This is a faster and easier way to connect external devices directly. This allows users to control initial access to the network with all the necessary network resources.

Game and security

Hamachi is a great tool for Windows in the current field of network and remote virtualization and is also a popular application for modern gamers. Just as Hamachi can create a corporate virtual network, it can be used in the same way. Hamachi can set up game servers to simulate a local area network. This is especially true for competitive gamers and players looking to reduce server latency and downtime. This not only ensures privacy and faster connections but also provides additional protection against DDoS attacks.
Security is essential to any VPN service, and Hamachi is no different. All incoming and outgoing connections are encrypted and only authorized users can connect to the selected Hamachi network. All transactions are processed via the P2P protocol (Peer-to-Peer) and make the connection private and secure against hacking attempts. This aspect is inherently important more than just playing in the workplace.

In addition to Internet connections, Hamachi protection extends to your local computer files. You can play games safely as if you were printing local documents from your office to your computer. LogMeIn Hamachi uses a tunneling protocol to encrypt your private data with military-grade encryption. To do this, however, you must collect your personal data. Like many free VPN services, it does this for a variety of marketing purposes, including affiliate commissions and ad tracking. Hamachi will keep you safe but at the expense of some of your privacy. Takes your personal IP address into account.

Hamachi And NordVPN Comparison

While Hamachi has applications that share the two VPNs, NordVPN tops the list. It offers more languages, more accessible hardware, enterprise price levels, and a kill switch – something Hamachi lacks. NordVPN offers a 30-day free trial, but not an entirely free price line. Hamachi’s focus on gaming makes it a great choice for a low-cost private VPN, but NordVPN is the industry standard for the best workplace protection on Windows PCs.

The most important VPN software on a budget

LogMeIn Hamachi is used by professional teams who work remotely and is at the heart of its design. With this software, you can work closely with teams that are distributed in simulated local networks and deploy the software remotely on connected computers. This is accompanied by a central software provider that enables new computers to provide a virtual network client interface quickly and easily. Hamachi completely covers the current remote area and enables you to solve any problem without having to be on site.
A valuable VPN for Windows, Hamachi is of great help in creating and effectively managing VPN connections across multiple computers. If you want to connect two or more networks via VPN or want a more secure gaming experience, LogMeIn Hamachi is worth a look. Know that LogMeIn is a serious developer, but Hamachi’s privacy policy has its weaknesses.

Hamachi Advantages

  • Connects remote computers
  • Good for online games
  • 256-bit AES encrypted communication
  • Intuitive interface

Hamachi Disadvantages

  • The free version only supports 5 computers
  • No key lock
  • Protects your IP address

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