Mozilla Firefox Fast and Secure Web Browser For Windows

Mozilla Firefox was originally made as a faster and safer alternative to the late nineties, such as Internet Explorer. Today Firefox is still proud of its performance and privacy.

When it comes to safety, interest is clear, and very small data is collected with Firefox. In addition, even if the pirates your way to its browser, Firefox still includes internal security protection.

Mozilla Firefox Features

Firefox sounds when it comes to its safety features, but in terms of its regular features, there is no abnormal. Although you do not choose Mozilla based on this, they are quite fun (and essential) in a browser, one or two larvae that are found elsewhere.

With Firefox, you can search the address bar and download smart search suggestions, get bookmarks, history or tabs in your search results. There are also automated suggestions for URLs and you can change your search bar settings for further control in your browsing experience.

Other functions include automatic audio and video clips and video clips shown in a separate image for your browser window to enter something in multitasking. There is also an internal image tool, dark mode, and custom themes, accessories, automatic formation, installed tabs, reader mode, filling control.

Finally, Firefox is available in 90 languages, compatible with Google products (such as documents and Gmail), and coordinated with all your devices.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Privacy

According to the website, the browser “Collect” little information about you, do not want to download your email address. “That’s right … little. When you have reduced Firefox, ask your email to complete your account settings, although you do not need to use the Mozilla browser. We hope even after delivery to space in the box Input, keep other security functions: put your browser: automatically delete your online information (cookies, date, and password) from your computer.
Tracking protection: Blocks notifications and websites That try to confirm hidden follow-up for you to collect your browsing information.
Promotional blockers: not only follow what you do online, but ads also do not reduce web pages.

Cryptominer Block: If the coding is accessed to the browser, you may notice that your battery works much faster than before or your computer is hot. Firefox helps to stop this before being more ruined.

DNS via HTTPS (DOH): Internet service providers stop selling their data.

Basic password: This is how you get to protect your password. You will adjust the important password for different devices.

Firefox also has automated updates, websites, management breaches, coded data, fingerprint blocking, individual protection reports and foreign cookies.

Mozilla Firefox User Experience

Firefox user experience is very simple, with a new white background and black text is easy to read and larger abnormal for the most standard font.

When you open a new tab, you will see the shortcuts and a list of the best items from the bag. This allows you to click on the settings at the top of the correct page to set this page. You can add more rows of shortcuts or hold your own or view beautiful content and use bag stories or replace your last activity (these Mozilla / Mozilla / Firefox news).

The rest of the browser setting is also easy. There is enough that you can play with the way browser, but do not feel so much to miss something because you do not want to read everything.

Google is a standard search engine that is good, but you can change to Amazon, Bing, eBay, Wikipedia (and others, and you installed, like DuckDuckGO). There is nothing special about displaying search results, but as we said before, go to a peaceful and secure experience with Mozilla, not the full of functions. Some like this as adultery

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