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NetworkManager is a free PC gadget created by independent developer BornToBeRoot. It is open-source software that helps users manage their network and solve any problems they may encounter while using it.
Similar to PRTG Network Manager or Internet Processes Monitor, NetworkManager offers a comprehensive list of network tools that can help monitor and optimize networks. This ensures that they always work under optimal conditions and settings for both wired and wireless connections.

How do I start using it?

NetworkManager has a clean and simple user interface with a sidebar on the left that has all of the different categories and features you are looking for. The dashboard gives you an overview of all available network adapters and their current status. For more information on things like IP addresses, DNS servers, and the like, see the Network Interface section.

This app supports WiFi connections, and you can check the Wi-Fi tab to check all active connections. If you need to check a specific IP address or port, you can do it with an IP scanner or port. The same goes for traceroute and DNS lookup. One of the interesting features of Remote Desktop is that you can access and control a computer on the same network.

You can also use Wake on LAN to wake / boot multiple devices from a remote computer. Further details are the use of the command line and the Powershell integration. This tool can do many things. That way, you can experience a slight learning curve with it. Fortunately, many guides and documents are available on the official developer website.

Network tools of the Swiss Army

Put simply, NetworkManager is a great networking tool that has a wide range of options and features for whatever you need. It looks beautiful and is highly customizable with various integrations like Powershell to further expand the possibilities. The fact that it’s free and open source is just a pearl on the cake. Highly recommended.


NetworkManager Advantages

  • Free and open source
  • Comprehensive list of features and options
  • PowerShell integration
  • Wake up in the local network

NetworkManager Disadvantage

  • Easy learning curve

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