O&O Lanytix For Windows Free Download Latest Version 2024

O&O Lanytix is ​​a free PC gadget that was developed by O&O Software. It is a tool that enables users to do an in-depth network analysis of the LAN connection. Detects and displays all devices connected to a local network as well as their IP and MAC addresses.

O&O Lanytix is ​​a tool that focuses on LAN Internet connections, just like Look @ LAN Network Monitoring. This portable software helps users find and discover any connected device. It can also provide report reports that can be output for reference and later reference.

What can R&D Lanytix do?

O&O Lanytix is ​​a tool for finding and listing all devices connected to a local network (LAN). It has a clean and simple user interface that lists devices with various information in a multi-column layout. At the top are two buttons for network scan and export options. At the bottom right there are two tabs for My Network and My Computer.

To use it, you can click the Scan Network button. Wait a moment and a list of all devices connected or connected to your LAN will be displayed. O&O Lanytix also shows the hardware status, name, IP address, MAC, ping, operating system, manufacturer, and time of the first detection. You can also use the search bar at the top right to further filter and refine your results. To configure various software options like IP range and scan parameters, you can click the settings icon on the left side of the search bar. Finally, use the Export button to copy the data and save it on your computer. Other than that, there are no advanced features or controls in this tool.

Simple LAN analysis tool

In short, if you are looking for a simple tool to analyze your LAN connection and identify connected devices, try O&O Lanytix. It’s portable, easy to use, and gives good information about your network and the devices you are using. This app comes highly recommended.

O&O Lanytix Advantages

  • Fast and portable software
  • Easy to use
  • A good amount of network information is provided


O&O Lanytix Disadvantage

  • No advanced features

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