Free Screen Recording Software For Windows and Mac

Using free screen recording software on Windows or Mac can easily turn a meeting, project, or game into a movie.

There are some great tools out there that can record everything that happens on your screen for free with no frustrating limitations.

Free Screen Recording Software Review

The best free screen recorder is OBS Studio. Not only can it record everything that happens on your desktop, but it can also take snapshots of your webcam and use that to record video to video and even record sound from a microphone. It also allows you to save the recording in the format of your choice or play it back through your desired service. It’s even available in Windows 11 through the redesigned Microsoft Store. So if you’re trying the latest Microsoft update, it’s a good idea to download it.

But while OBS Studio is an ideal choice for professionals and gamers alike, there are other powerful options worth considering. If you only need a few minutes of movie to film, a sharper tool may do the job.

Whether you’re creating a tutorial for your YouTube channel, recording a lets play video, or recording a video call, there’s something on this list for your needs.

Best Screen Recorder for Gaming

If you have emergency games, OBS Studio is simply the best free screen recorder for you. Unlike the very common Frappl (with which you can sign up for 30 seconds when you extend, unless you purchase license, you get a sign to records), OBS Studio an open source and precise source without Is the limit.

About the studio supports both definitions and high registration, no restrictions on your number or length of your creativity. You can save life, save and return to them directly on your hands or YouTube games later, or encrypt your movie in FLV and maintain locally.
Since Obs-CONSTRUDIO can be recorded directly from your graphics card, unable to play playback in fullscreen mode (and other display recorders can not only register as play window), with the key Adjustable for registry control. The studio can also use multi-core CPUs to improve performance and can be included in 60 frames per second (or even higher). It can take time exactly what you want, but OBS Studio is the best and stronger screen recorder for games.

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