Secure Exam Browser (SEB) For Windows Download Free

Secure Exam Browser (SEB) is a reliable, free, and convenient web browser environment for secure online testing. This tutorial turns a simple computer into a secure workstation. To aid the anti-fraud mechanism, this tool controls access to various resources such as system functions, access to third-party applications, etc. This prevents unauthorized access to resources during the scan.

Simply put, SEB is learning software and a training tool that was developed by the Education and Technology Development Company (LET) and ETH Zurich. With this tool, you can temporarily turn your workplace into a secure test system that runs smoothly in a web browser environment. Compared to Respondus, NANO and BriskBard, this program has a great learning advantage.

Powerful Learning Management System

Safe Exam Browser is a hassle-free web browser environment for safe online exams. This program turns your computer into a safe system. In addition, it controls access to a wide variety of resources such as third-party applications, websites, system functions, and more. SEB runs smoothly on a Windows PC. Uses an Internet connection to create a secure connection to the Learning Management System (LMS). In most cases, SEB is compatible with advanced web-based LMS or other online exam systems. For example, learning management systems such as OpenOLAT, ILIAS and Moodle have a software-compatible test mode.

What are the components of SEB?

The curriculum consists of three parts. The main components are a browser interface and a kiosk application. Plays on a tablet or PC. The kiosk program shuts down the test device while the browser component communicates with the test device on the server via the LAN or Internet connection.
It is important to note that the kiosk application not only backs up the computer, it also launches a secure test browser and third-party applications. This software has to control the various functions of the operating system and therefore a system is specially designed.

Displays the curriculum and loads the Learning Management System test page. It uses a predefined URL for this and offers no navigation elements such as a search engine field, an address bar, etc. Currently, the Windows version of the software uses the Mozilla Gecko engine in the form of XULRunner or Firefox. On the other hand, this software uses the WebKit engine in iOS and macOS. Most online testing tools have a number of test modules that can be used to conduct online tests and assessments.

Secure Exam Browser is based on ILIAS or Moodle test module types or plugins for secure access. When using these extensions, the LMS interface is only limited to navigation functions and unwanted functions such as messages are ignored.

In this tutorial, you can only configure the test with SEB and not with any other web browser. Previously, SEB and LMS extensions had to be installed separately to establish such a connection. With Safe Test Browser these can be integrated into the latest versions of various learning management systems.

What about the configuration?

Secure Exam Browser is an ideal platform for creating secure exams on unattended computers such as tablets, computers, and other student devices. It runs smoothly on multiple operating systems including iOS, macOS, and Windows. In the latest version, SEB comes with a custom configuration for each test. Protected with advanced encryption.
With the extended validation function, the learning management system can check whether a certain unmodified SEB version is used and that exact test setting are used for the assessment. This results in safe and fair online exams, especially when everyone is working or studying remotely these days.
The latest version of the Safe Exam Browser is an integrated platform with many new features, a simple test system interface and compatible configuration files. This software takes into account the various differences in the operating system and ensures seamless integration across all devices.

SEB for Windows

For Windows, the SafeSearch browser contains a unique kiosk program. When you click on the function, a stand-alone Windows desktop opens. In addition, system commands such as keyboard shortcuts, right click, etc. are blocked. The second component in this version is Firefox, which runs in XUL mode. The program connects seamlessly with the learning management system via the start URL of the pre-configuration. Please note that the teaching software browser has no search field, URL or navigation buttons.

SEB for Mac and iOS

Compared to the Windows version, online test tools for iOS and macOS are available as an integrated application. Uses the internet browser framework instead of the standard browser runtime. In addition, it uses the reliable WebKit engine that works with Safari and other leading open source web browsers. Apart from that, the iOS and macOS SEB versions connect to learning management systems like their colleagues.

Education software enables educators to restrict student access to resources and tools while creating online tests or assessments. Students cannot access websites, applications, system tools, search functions, and other software while using this study tool. With all of this in mind, a secure web browser is a good choice for online assessment and hassle-free online exams.

Good software for online evaluation

Safe Exam is one of the premier learning management systems, especially if you are looking for a safe online test or assessment. With several functions and test systems embedded in the software, you can easily control all functions. In addition, you can prevent unauthorized access to the resources used for fraud. In general, Secure Exam Browser (SEB) is a good choice for Windows PCs.

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