ShareX Screen Capture Free Tool 2024 Free Download

Taking a screenshot in Windows can be as simple as pressing the Prt Scr key and pasting the contents of your clipboard into the photo editor. But there are times when you want to do more complex things – like just take a screenshot or share your screenshots on the internet – and then a third-party screen recorder can come in handy.

ShareX Screen Recorder Review

One of those tools is ShareX, which comes by default or on the Microsoft Store – and it’s free anyway.

ShareX offers a range of screen recording options: full screen, popup, area, scroll recording, and more. You have the choice to add the cursor in the screenshots or not, set a timer to delay the photo, and even do OCR on the text. Users can also record screen activity as an animated video or GIF.

But where does ShareX really come from – and where does its name come from – in the sharing options available. Screenshots and recordings can be uploaded to a variety of cloud services, including picture hosting, online public storage, and even social media. ShareX has more to offer, including a stunning image editor for editing images before using them.

ShareX Screen Capture Tool User Experience

If you want to use the ShareX interface, your experience won’t be great. This software is slim and far from attractive, so it is better to spend some time configuring it and learning keyboard shortcuts. There will be times when it will be impossible to use the main interface, but it’s best to try when ShareX is running in the background and you don’t have to think about it.

The beauty of ShareX is that it’s way more powerful than it looks at first glance, and Workflow makes it highly customizable so you can automate routines. For beginners, adjusting to all of this may seem daunting, but it’s well worth moving on.

The ability to use a keyboard shortcut to delay screen capture, select an area, auto-save the picture, upload it to cloud storage, and share it online will save you time!

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