Transmute for Windows

Transmute retains the original structure of folders you had in your previous browser, which you can preview before actually backing up.

Transmute Overview

This program will not allow you to add newly imported bookmarks to your existing collection unless you upgrade to the professional version. For those using the free version, tapping is the only option available.
While Transmute is great for tech-savvy people who are afraid to explore browser menus, it is certainly great for people who work with computers and may miss out on advanced options.
If you’ve recently switched to a new browser and don’t really know how to enter your bookmarks, Transmute can do it for you.


Transmute Advantages

  • Very easy to use
  • Supports many browsers

Transmute Disadvantages

  • It is very easy to get used to the computer
  • Always overwrite your existing bookmarks unless you’re upgrading to a professional version

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