TurboVNC For Windows

TurboVNC is a free, high-performance, open-source application for Virtual Network Computing (VNC). This software includes a variety of compressed encoders that are tuned for maximum performance and compression with 3D programs, videos, and other compact workloads. Comes with VirtualGL, the complete remote viewing solution for 3D applications with interactive functionality. TurboVNC is derived from TightVNC. It still covers all of the features of TightVNC 1.3 but includes several feature improvements and bug fixes.

Simple and easy to connect interface

The first thing users will notice upon startup is that TurboVNC has a very simple user interface. However, it does include some visual features so that the most inexperienced users can take full advantage of them. Understanding some of the concepts related to telematics is still useful as some of the functions are purely technical in nature. Users should also note that this program requires an internet connection on the computers they intend to work with.
This program, more than a simple user interface, also makes it easy to connect to the device you want. Users can do this by entering the appropriate IP address and port in the field provided and clicking the Connect button. Note, however, that a VNC server must be running on the target computer. This tool has an internal listening mode. However, connecting is not that simple, so you may want to use a different server tool.

You also have access to the standard settings menu. Allows you to set many parameters by setting values ​​or checking boxes. Values ​​that you can customize include various encryption methods, image quality, JPEG compression, remote desktop size, clipboard transfer, and interface compression. You can also configure TCP ports and local pointer forms. This program requires minimal resources and typically only uses 5 to 20% of the CPU time.

Manual VNC remote connection program

While many network tools can help you connect to other computers, most are very complex and require extensive configuration. TurboVNC can help you get great results with minimal effort. This is a simple program that allows you to remotely connect to other computers using VNC. Although it has a simple user interface, it still has some intuitive features that make it easy to connect to your device. It also has a live configuration menu that allows you to adjust the parameters to your liking.

TurboVNC Advantages

  • Simply connects you to the device
  • Simple user interface
  • Direct configuration menu
  • Easy

TurboVNC Disadvantages

  • Internet connection required
  • Communication is difficult in internal listening mode
  • Some features may be too technical for inexperienced users

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