VNC Connect For Windows

This Software offers the subscription-based remote support tool which has a limited free queue for up to 5 PCs that can be used by up to 3 users simultaneously. Each money line has its own security features, although VNC Connect lacks some of the features found in competing products.

Affordable Multi-platform Support Tool

VNC Connect can be used for personal and business use, both for remote support and for joint meetings. While missing some of the features of other leading remote support software packages, there is a free-range that will suit most personal users and that is not very expensive in terms of pricing. VNC Connect provides support outside of Windows PCs and fully supports Linux. To be able to use the program, the VNC Server program must be installed on the remote computer and the VNC Viewer program must be installed on the connected computer.

Final thoughts

VNC Connect offers a free queue that is suitable for many home users looking to support friends or family or a very small office. Price levels beyond this are not very expensive, although VNC Connect does not offer some of the convenience functions that can be found in competing products.

VNC Connect Advantages

  • the base
  • Simple interface
  • Supports multiple platforms

VNC Connect Disadvantages

  • Files cannot be moved using drag and drop
  • The installation is a bit confusing

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