Waircut for Windows Latest Version Free Download 2024

Wireless Air Cut – A free, portable, wireless WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) network audit program. This application is a networking tool designed to verify the security of your wireless network. This app can help you when you need to make sure your wireless internet connection is not vulnerable. It can test your router for common WPFS pins, brute force vulnerabilities, and more.

Check your wireless connection

Computer users, especially novice users, don’t always worry about their security when connecting to their router. Of course, when a new router hits the market, your first instinct is to connect it, get online, and start surfing, gaming, or watching videos. While it’s tempting, it’s like moving into a new home without checking or changing the lock. The idea behind this program is to have a tool that will control your wireless security. More specifically, it will check that you have enabled the Wi-Fi Protected Setup protocol.

When you enable it, you can prevent potential security breaches and other undesirable and nasty situations in the long run. In addition, this software has other features that can increase your wireless security. First, you can check if your device has a public PIN or WPS. As mentioned earlier, it can also check whether it is weak against brute force or full dust attacks.

Before installing the app, first, check whether the WiFi Protected configuration protocol is installed on your device. Wirecut has no direct attitude. It even means that you install Jumpstart first. However, depending on your system settings, you may encounter various obstacles such as B. the need to disable account control (for Windows 10). You can solve this by opening the relevant record and changing its values.

Make sure your router is secure

Overall, Waircut is a recommended safety application. This software ensures that your router uses all available security functions. So you are not vulnerable to anyone who wants to access your data. It doesn’t have a direct installation process, but it has simple operations and the program is very useful.

Waircut Pros

  • Checks your WiFi security
  • Activate to run various tests on your router
  • Easy handling
  • Portable and wireless


  • Installation is not easy
  • Some system problems
  • Cut the thread 1/3. away

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