Windows 8.1 Free Download For PC Full Version

Windows 8.1 Free Download which is long outdated but technically supported until 2023. If you need to download ISO to reinstall the full version of the operating system, you can download it from Microsoft here.

If you are still using Microsoft Windows 8.1, we recommend that you start thinking about what OS you will use in the future. It’s mid-2021 and Win 8.1 will be shaken by a star coil in January 2023. You may still be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10 if you have a valid Windows 8.1 license, despite the fact that Microsoft formally terminated its upgrade program five years ago. In addition, Windows 10 has the same system requirements as Windows 8.1, so if you can run the latter, you can run the former.

Windows 8.1 Free Download For PC Full Version

Although Windows 11 has been announced, upgrading to Windows 10 has many benefits. First, Windows 11 may not support your hardware if it is old enough to still use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Windows 10, on the other hand, is compatible with almost everything available in Windows 8.1. By 2025, Windows 10 will also be supported, giving you another two years of support before you have to look for alternatives.

Windows 8 Ultimate Free Download ISO Full version [ 32 / 64 bit ]

If you are still staying with Windows 8.0 and do not want to struggle with replacing the entire OS, we recommend that you run Windows Update immediately and remove all available system download patches, including the Windows 8.1 update that is likely to be offered. your default settings. If you want to download the Windows 8.1 update files, you can do so here.

Windows 8 Free Download 32 Bit – 64 Bit ISO

Original story below, from 2013:

Windows 8.1 was released. If you use Windows 8, upgrading to Windows 8.1 is easy and free. If you use another operating system (Windows 7, Windows XP, OS X), you can purchase the boxed version ($ 120 for normal, $ 200 for Windows 8.1 Pro) or choose one of the free methods below. Follow the wizard below to download and install Windows 8.1 for free.

How to Download Windows 8.1 for Free

If you don’t want to wait until October 17 or 18, you have two options to download Windows 8.1: You can get a copy (and license key) from a friend/colleague  using an MSDN, TechNet, or DreamSpark (students) subscription, or you can download Windows 8.1 RTM ISO from your favourite file-sharing site (The Pirate Bay, Mega, etc.)

Although we won’t write a manual on how to get Windows 8.1 RTM from unofficial sources, we’ll at least tell you to check the SHA-1 hash on the downloaded ISO to make sure it’s legitimate. If you click on the MSDN Subscriber Download page and then click Details under the version you obtained elsewhere, you will see a SHA-1 hash. If you use a File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV) file in ISO, the hash must match. If not, assume the ISO is compromised and download another. (However, make sure you have checked the correct SHA-1 hash on MSDN; your ISO may be missing a label). Another easier and completely legal option is to download Windows 8.1 Preview from Microsoft. However, it is not as fast as the final (RTM / GA) build and there are a few bugs / missing features. Keep in mind that if you go this route, upgrading to the current version of Windows 8.1 will require a few additional steps (discussed in the next section).

How to install Windows 8.1 for free

If you already have a Windows 8.1 ISO on your hard drive, the installation process is painful. Before you begin, you should consider backing up your important files and documents, but this is never necessary. You also need to make sure you have enough free hard disk space (20 GB +).

If you already have Windows 8 and have downloaded the RTM ISO from outside the Windows Store, you can install Windows 8.1 by attaching the downloaded ISO in Windows Explorer by double-clicking and clicking on it, and then running the installer. If you are using Windows 7, XP or (sing your soul) Vista, you will need to burn the ISO to a USB flash drive or DVD or connect the ISO using a third-party virtual drive such as Magic ISO. .

If you’re already running Windows 8 and waiting for the official release date, installing Windows 8.1 is as easy as visiting the Windows Store and downloading a free update.

In both cases, the upgrade process should be very smooth and your applications and settings should be fully saved. However, if you upgrade from Windows 8.1 Preview, you will lose the installed applications unless you first run the cversion.ini removal program.

If you already have Windows 8.1 installed, you should take a look at our comprehensive collection of tips and tricks for Windows 8.1, and be sure to check out our Windows 8.1 review and practical impressions to make sure you take advantage of the all-new features via Softybin.

Windows 8 ISO Features

  1. Built-in security system with updates
  2. Intelligently switch between applications
  3. Amazing start screen with different swipe options
  4. Reliable, handy to use, and quick in operation
  5. Built-in all drivers
  6. Xbox Music applications
  7. Beautiful interface as well as easy management of user’s account
  8. Multiple best media players to play your media conveniently

Windows 8.1 Free Download For PC Full Version

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