Razer Cortex Game Booster Download For PC

Razer Cortex game booster Download for PC. It is a free system optimization tool from the Razer gaming hardware manufacturer. The emphasis is on better performance in your games, although it does include some system tools for cleaning your computer and defragmenting your hard drives.

Razer Booster may not be one of the best system tools and repair software for business computers, but in this Razer Cortex review, we’ll show you how it’s one of the leading tools for inserting low frames per second (fps) from a low level. – specific gaming PC.

Razer Cortex Game Booster

Plans and prices

Razer Booster free download for windows 10 from the Razer website. It is available for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Unlike other free system optimization tools, it has no pop-up ads or constantly requires a premium upgrade. All features are available in free software.


When you join Game Booster, RazerCortex stops unnecessary services and background processes that consume valuable memory and CPU time. When you have finished playing, turn off Game Booster and the processes will start again. You can set the Game Booster to start automatically when the game starts and return the system to normal after closing. Razer Cortex System Booster works like any other system optimization tool because it cleans old files. It can also speed up your computer by optimizing disk caching, changing network settings, and disabling unused Windows services. Finally, it can be used to defragment the files used in your games, which can reduce image drop due to excessive disk access.

The Razer Cortex Boost includes an amazingly good game aggregator that gathers the best prices from more than 15 gaming stores, including Steam, GOG.com, Humble Store, and Epic. It’s easy to compare prices between stores and find the best sales and gifts. Unfortunately, this only applies to a few selected countries: the USA, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, France, Germany, and Canada.

Using Razer Cortex to run and play games will reward you with Razer Silver, a virtual currency that can be exchanged for Razer hardware and games. To get enough Razer Silver for Deathadder Essential, the cheapest Razer mouse available, you need 1,000 game days, at least 10 minutes a day, so you have to be patient.

Interface and use

The Razer Cortex has a clear user interface placed in the brand’s bright neon green color. It is divided into Game Booster, System Booster, Deals and Rewards. We’ve found that Game Booster Razer can be legitimately useful when playing on a mid-range PC. By carefully selecting the background processes and services you want to disable in Boost Mode, we have restored approximately 2 GB of RAM. This RAM, now freely available for memory-intensive games, has helped reduce frame rate through frequent disk access. However, on a PC with extra RAM, the effect is minimal.

The System Booster function is also good. Although System Clean does not delete as many old files as the other system tools we have tested, it does a much better job of removing temporary files left on games and game platforms (GOG Galaxy, Battle.net, Origin, etc.).

Speed ​​Up Optimizer blocks many Windows services, but does not provide information about what those services are for. While there is an option to Restore Windows Defaults, we would like to see some tips that explain exactly what each change does.


Razer provides basic Razer Cortex FAQs on its website. There is also a handbook for teachers, but it was written in 2014 and is unfortunately outdated. There is also a Razer Cortex section on the community forum, but there are only a few posts each week.

If you want to support Razer Cortex, this is your only option. Selecting Razer from the Contact Us drop-down menu will only return a page informing you that immediate support is currently unavailable due to COVID-19.


If you are not a gamer, IObit Advanced SystemCare Free is a more comprehensive PC optimization tool. It has a similar user interface to Razer Cortex but includes a better variety of file systems, security, and registration tools. We also love AVG TuneUp. It has a smart, modern interface and, like Razer Cortex, suggests disabling background tasks. However, AVG TuneUp better explains what each task does and gives you more confidence when disabling tasks you don’t need.

The final verdict

Razer Cortex Download Free tool that can help improve game performance, especially if you run titles that require a lot of RAM. Razer Cortex can help you recover 1 or 2 GB of memory from background processes, which can be enough to erase lost images for disk reads.

It also has handy system upgrade features, a tool to optimize game settings, and a built-in game menu aggregator. Its focus on gaming and lack of adaptability makes it a poor choice for the office, but it is one of the best tools for optimizing a gaming computer system. You can easily access it via the Softy Bin forum right here.

Razer Cortex Game Booster Download For PC


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