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Microsoft Windows 11 officially ends, meaning millions of free computers in today’s upgrade (as long as your computers meet the needs of the ridiculous system). For some time, I’ve tested semi-finals near Windows 11, and I am here to expand good news is that my computer did not explode once. Windows 11 So far, the operating system is completely unwanted and is quite a good sign, but may not be justifiable to install it. To do call or install other Windows 11 computers today, I have started some time with a new list and earned goals for a short time. Windows 11 looks beautiful, but this is not enough to upgrade on the first day.

After more than a week with Windows 11 days after day, I do not recommend someone installing it today. Approximately one of the Windows 11S functions, regardless of the degree of a new version of Windows, some start-up day problems are inevitable.

Now Windows 11 will be good, it’s better when the first meat update reaches in a few months. But on the first day of this change, there is no potential value. Totally tastipatrouille, huh? Midden 2000, users interface were transparent and glasses are new taxes, and Windows Vista and Windows 7 around their rounded edges. Microsoft performs this style to keep sharp edges and fixed colors before returning to the soft style in Windows 11, and I liked each step on the road.

After two weeks after using Windows 11 (mainly with a lighting theme instead of dark mode), I miss some lively 10s and large tiles, but generally better than This aesthetics is better, which moves in the design of the new Microsoft icon. The taskbar, edges, and circular colors stimulate the same aquatic brightness as the classic wallpaper XP; I feel like I’m flying a little because I’ve opened the menu and the Explorer file will open an entertaining feel. Soon be used in new cosmetics and works only as ordinary or another color. Anyway, I think Microsoft has done better than Windows 10, making poisons feel coherent, and changing the light mode is really special.

Smooth is a good word for many Windows 11 – it shows almost everything I like, like the new, less than the Legal Declaration of Windows. Windows 11 has new sound effects and I think they are generally more fun. So that computer sound effects are designed, according to a purely functional tool in mind, and then one of them said in a day, “Remember that Brian Ino complained when we launch Windows 95, And good?? We tried to make a good sound Voting notification in Windows 11.

Well, maybe I am a bit too expensive, but I’m more entertaining like Windows 11s Soundscape.

There are other small things that I really love this. Using the SNAP Window function, you can now select around the “maximize” button to split from different descriptions and designs such as 70/30, which I’m really useful. If you use monitors, do the second monitor when converting Windows 10, the operating system takes several seconds to score once before it is displayed in place. In Windows 11, the desktop is zoomed in for two seconds of two seconds to specify the screen change and then appears again as a second observer. Soft (well, smooth Microsoft really needs to ensure that all functions are copied in the settings and killed forever.

The Start menu also looks good and clean compared to tiles, and in Windows 10, but this is the same as the result that ends with minimal functional tasks. I do not understand why to press the button to know most of your apps are too small, or why Microsoft is not more compatible. An unknown response can not almost be valuable if you do not start working faster by pressing the Windows key, but now it seems to be a half-thinker. Taskbar/start refresh at the cost of special hardcore users, such as the ability to join the taskbar on the sideboard or right-click to access task management. This inflammation, such as Microsoft features, will inevitably be added in the coming months, which shows how Windows 11 upgrades are limited. We probably see a number of other problems that float completely, where people use more than Windows 11, such as file explorer. Regardless of the new aesthetics, there are several major Microsoft functions when presenting this summer – especially those who should be done with games – just keep here.

There are only a few major changes that Microsoft died with Windows 11: Xbox-Tech direct storage that uses fast SSDs to accelerate the performance of Microsoft’s fully renewed automated HDR Xbox tech that can be converted to play Tonemaps without HDR support for your computer’s HDR, but I have a serious focus there.

If you do not have an HDR monitor – there is still a shortage on your computer, you will not do anything unless you connect your computer to a TV.

DirectStorage was originally a proprietary version of Windows 11 before Microsoft returned and added support for Windows 10. However, game developers need to implement the DirectStorage API in order for it to work, which means that this feature does absolutely nothing to upgrade your gaming experience, even if you have a fast NVMe SSD.
So … how is the new Microsoft Store going? Browsing is a little more fun than the old apps, but it’s still full of apps you never want. I don’t see PC gamers coming to this store to find the software they are looking for instead of Google, but that may change when Android apps hit the market next year. After all, how we manage Microsoft games is important to us in the store. The attempt to install will only take you to the Xbox app, which is still just a glorious ad from the store itself. When I start installing a game through the Xbox app, I can see it in my Microsoft Store Library and see the download progress there too. Just looking at the Xbox for a while it seems to be a little more fit than Windows 10, which is really thick but hasn’t changed its design. There’s nothing here to compel you to upgrade.
Microsoft has restarted some of the main Windows programs like Paint and Snipping Tool, but oddly enough they won’t be available on startup. They are currently being tested in a Windows Insider developer build. I don’t think Paint will ever be a great program, but even these mediocre updates that are still being tested show how random the launch date is on October 5th.
Minor changes to Windows 11 are really the only things that are going on right now. The new aesthetic changes the restart menu, the various settings menus, and long-term applications like Paint. There are good surprises. For example, the Emoji menu (Windows key) now includes Tenor for pasting gifs and packages to clipboard history (Windows V key) for pasting. This is a clever and useful combination, but unless you are addicted to broken toxins, I don’t think it’s necessary.

After using the latest version of Windows 11 for a full week prior to its release, I didn’t experience any noticeable performance crashes, freezes, or beeps. It looks like Windows 10 with a new look. This is certainly more complicated than some of Microsoft’s more infamous versions.

Of course, there are many variables here – your computer, your peripherals, whether you’re doing a clean install or an upgrade. If something is causing the compatibility issues, it’s probably the drivers. Windows 11 introduces a new driver model, although all of your old hardware and older drivers will now work the same way, provided they run Windows 10.

In the latest version of Windows 11, Jorge simply reached the green screen of death by plugging in his Logitech G305 mouse dongle and upon rebooting found that his keyboard and wireless headphones had also failed. I had to reinstall the drivers for it to work again. The other testers in our team noticed some minor bugs, such as the disappearance of the buttons and the side panel of the mail apps disappearing at some point. Overall, not bad – we’ve come a long way since the bad days of Windows 95.
The good news is that upgrading to Windows 11 today shouldn’t affect your game’s performance unless you have VBS Chestnut enabled. We were playing some of our favorite games on different devices and with different versions of Windows 11 and all of a sudden we started having problems. And everything we encountered only seemed to show up on the first boot, and a quick reboot fixed the problem.

We also penalized PC Gamer’s lead tester with multiple games from our regular test group and improved performance in most cases. The only real anomaly is the Civilization VI AI test, where the Windows 11 test was half a second slower.
It’s usually faster elsewhere. Even if it is just a little faster. It should be noted that performance differences were in the area of ​​measurement error, so we can’t necessarily praise Microsoft for making this the best Windows for the game. But most of all, it’s not bad for the game, either. At this early point in the operating system’s life, the relative stagnation in the frame rate can certainly be considered a victory.
Windows 11 is a free upgrade from Windows 10, although auto-publishing is slow. “We expect all eligible devices to receive a free upgrade to Windows 11 by mid-2022,” said Microsoft.

Unlike when Windows 10 was first launched, Microsoft hasn’t said anything to stop the Windows 11 free upgrade. Finally, you want to turn off the October 2025 security updates for Windows 10.

Do I need a Windows 11 key?

Not if you’re upgrading from Windows 10 – it’s free.

If you’re new to the installation, you can install Windows 11 without a key and then sign in with your Microsoft account, which will automatically restore your Windows 10 credentials. Simple.

Or you can even try Windows 11 without turning it on for a while if you don’t care about watermarks and can’t customize the look. Enjoy being up to date with the installation and installation – If we dive deeper into the operating system, you have a lot to say about Windows 11.

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